Online Booking: 

There is one charge for all the different treatment types .... so choose the time you want and you can either nominate the treatment type required in the booking detail or tell me on your arrival.

I tend to fuse different treatment styles into a single massage session to maximise the benefits. So that a deep tissue massage can also include myofascial and sports massage techniques like soft tissue release & MET.

I allocate up to 90 minutes for an hour treatment so that you get 60 minutes of actual massage work and it gives me flexibility to finish properly.  Let me know if you are time restricted then I can limit the session to an hour ... this is your choice.

I am one of the few advanced therapists in the area and charge less than many of the basically trained people where you will be lucky if you get 45-50 mins in the session and they will not insured for injury treatments.

You can find my most of my verified reviews on the Treatwell website where I also have my services listed under "W2 Massage".  I would prefer if you book services direct through my website to avoid their 24% fee. My website is easy to use, you can see my calendar and book online, requiring no payment upfront.

Warmest regards

Peter Bellami-Smith, MISRM